Left rear.

Sunday evening I cleaned up the spare 6at head I have and packed it in grease. It’s safely stored away now waiting for the day I run 40psi. Hopefully never.  I also packed the bearings and installed the disc on the left rear hub.

Today I installed the axle stub and hub on the left rear. I am using a set of Discovery 1 rear calipers Gordn got from pull-a-part. Everything fit together very easily.

I toyed with with the dust shield but noticed it will need holes drilled out to fit the Salsbury axle to they will wait until the truck is driving.

The name of the game now that I have been tinkering on this truck for 6 years is to get it drivable. In all likely hood this truck will give me a lifetime of projects. I have a new rule that no project will take it off the road for more than 1 month.


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