The School Bus begins!

After 3 years of twiddling my thumbs I am working seriously on the School Bus project. The School Bus will be a Land Rover Series Late 2a, approximately the second half of 1969. It will be re-powered using a Cummins 6AT diesel, NV4500 transmission, Series transfer case, and a Salisbury rear axle. I have modified the Bulkhead so each foot well is the same width, and will make each foot well deeper for better leg room. I have the frame stripped down and set up in back yard. I have removed the transfer case cross member and will replace it with one I can bolt in. I removed the cross member the rear drive shaft goes through and installed one made of 2x4x1/8 wall tube set flush to the top of the frame with gussets going down the sides. I have just mounted the plate for a P38 power steering box. I will post separate articles detailing each parts of this project. Next up, building the power train!

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