Nv4500 part 600

Setting the torque was very tough. Lowering the lift beam on the housing keep it steady enough to torque the nut. 

Copious amounts of Red Loctite prior to installing the nut for the last time.

Keeping the housing steady.

Use a punch to set the brass disks in place.

Torque the set screws in place. Be sure to Loctite the set screws prior to final installation. 

After the set screws are torqued down use a pinch like this to set the nut collar into the keyway.

Installing the set screws for the final time. 

Sharpie marks to keep track of how far the pieces move during final torquing. Notice the witness marks on the nut lands. The custom socket we made worked well.

Setting the collar into the keyway.   

The two washers moved this much during final torquing.


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