NV4500 assembly cont. 

New input seal from Quad 4×4 This bearing race was the perfect size to press the seal into the NV4500 front cover.

Cleaned up front cover ready to have the seal pressed in b  

Went in very easily. I would not attempt this project with out a hydraulic press.

Seal seated and ready for installation.

Front cover ready for sealant. Note the oil passage at the bottom. Be sure not to obscure this.

Sealant generously applied.

5th gear retention nut from Quad 4×4.

When you open up the package be sure you account for 3 brass pucks and 3 set screws.

The brass pucks are installed after the 5th gear retaining nut has been torqued for the final time. PLEASE NOTE THE NUT IS INSTALLED BACKWARDS IN THIS PICTURE.

the Quad 4×4 Dodge 5th Gear Lock Nut kit comes with 1 lock nut, 1 dished washer, 2 brass pucks, and 2 set screws.

Install the washer so that the dished or outer edge of the washer touches the thrust washer that came with the shaft.

The lock nut is installed using red locktite so the beveled face is forward, touching the inside edge of the dished washer.

After the lock nut is torqued down the lip at the rear of the lock nut is piened down into the key way in the shaft. Also the brass pucks are placed in the set screw holes and the set screws are installed with red locktite. the set screws are torqued to “tight”


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