NV4500 modification day 1

I am going to install Forbyn Brothers output shaft in a Chevy 2 wheel drive NV 4500.    

I removed the tail housing some time ago. It was quite thin and I broke it as I removed it.   

5th gear is held in place by a spacer. On the 2wd version the spacer has the speedometer reluctor. On this version the spacer was secured by the yoke on the end of the out put shaft. 


This pry bar made removing the top cover a breeze. 


This number is stamped on the top of the cast iron transmission case. There is not a similar one on the 4wd case.   Fill plug with oil spec tag

Top cover looks great. 


Overdrive gear set retainer snap ring. I removed this first.   Using a good set of snap ring pliers makes removal easy. 

Next remove the two roll pins retaining the over drive fork. They were flaired at the top.   I used a 1/8 split pin punch and brass hammer to push the pins out. Note any flare and remove them carefully. 

Over drive snap ring. Note the oil marks indicating how it was installed. Keep it orientated the same way. 

Be very careful when you remove the overdrive gear cluster. There are 3 springs under part of the synchromesh system. It’s not hard to reassemble them but be ready to chase springs. I wire tied the set for safe keeping. 

Be sure to get this pin off the intermediate shaft. It is under the overdrive cluster. 

On this 2wd transmission the spacer was really hard to remove. Heating it up made a huge difference. 

5th gear still required a puller but was easy to remove. 

Next remove the rear intermediate shaft bearing retainer. Note the two shims used to set the bearing preload.  

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