I went into Brake and Clutch Supply in Seattle WA today with all the brake plumbing for my front axle and found out I have made the whole thing way to complex. I had wanted to have easy parts replacement, and I did not want to carry many spares. To that end I decided to use -3AN fittings on the ends of my flex lines. Well this decision has added 12 joints to the system that are not needed. That is 12 more pieces on the BOM and 12 more places for the system to leak now and forever.  That is also a $243 mistake if I go back and make a new simple system. The system I have will work fine and I am sure it will be very safe but I wish I had consulted these guys 6 months ago when I started buying parts. The Bill Of Materials (BOM) on my brake and hydroboost page will reflect the way I wish I had done it in the first place. I also think that using metric fittings through out is the right way to go. Obviously with the GM master cylinder I will need SAE fittings but the chances if needing to replace a hard line in the field is extremely unlikely.

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