School Bus Parts and Pieces

Here is a list and photos of most of the parts I have for the School Bus.




1971 109 frame, 6″ added above the front axle arch set up for the 5 door body

-Rear springs are stock 109

-Front springs are stock 88 rears

-Range Rover P38 power steering box installed, Range Rover steering shaft

-Stock rover front axle
-Salisbury Rear axle

-Timm Cooper disk break conversion parts, Defender 110 front calipers with stainless steel pistons, Discovery rear calipers, new pads for all. New Genuine dust shields.

-Stock solid rotors

-Cummins 3.4l 6at turbo diesel engine with a spare head, and extra bell housing


-NV4500 5 speed transmission with -Timm Cooper adapter housing for Stock Land Rover transfer case. I am waiting on the the transmission main shaft to be machined.

-Alternators from police cars approximately 105 amps.

-Custom Copper and Brass Radiator per Timm Cooper. I did have a Modine radiator, all metal by Ready-Rad PN: 438162 but sold it.








-Mini York AC Pump to be used as an air pump for tools and lockers

-Hydroboost break master cylinder with modified break tower by Ike Goss

-NOS Land Rover PTO Hydraulic Pump. I am hoping to find a Land Rover MkII aeroparts winch.

No Picture Yet

-Late 2a Windshield Wiper set with single speed motor

-Dash Parts

-Many body and interior parts

-Delphi 296 diesel filter and sediment bowl

-5 door body and tropical top from a 1963.

– Back door and tailgate

-Series 3 wings and core support
-Deluxe hood

-2 steering wheels

-Stock seats and 2 Acura Integra cloth seats




-Rear view Mirror

-Series 3 blower motor and housing

-2 spare front doors and 3 spare door tops

-109 5 door fuel tank, and 1 under seat fuel tank

-Range Rover and industrial air cleaner

-100’s of fasteners from McMaster Carr.
-2 series heater cores and 2 housings, one is galvanized. Includes duct

-V-5 Tow Tongue for flat towing

-T pillars have been stripped at American Metal Cleaning, they need some repair to the bottom channel, currently in usable condition.
-Bulkhead has been stripped, the foot wells have been replaced and the right foot well has been narrowed to match the left. The tunnel is now wide enough for a Chevy V8. The center of the bulkhead was left open like a 6 cylinder bulkhead.
-Lots of steel is included for making brackets.
-3′ tube for exhaust

-2 Driving Lights

-Galvanized door hinge pieces

-2 sets of RUD tire chains










-Very Nice swivel Balls







-Radio from a Mercedes 300D

-6 Gal motor oil