T Case adventures ….

All’s well that ends well I suppose. Some years ago when I boxed up the School Bus Project to move from one house to another I failed to protect several parts of my Transfer Case. They got wet and ruined. Mechhhh. I just purchased a Tcase with usable parts from Lamorna Garage and got a complete unit assembled. An expensive mistake. I have bolted on the Hydraulic PTO pump and control lever to see if they fit.

A few steps further down the road.

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Transmission goes in

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I have had a can of rust oleum spray on rubber for sometime. I figured I would try coding the bracket mating surfaces with it and see what effect that would have.

We shall see

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Painting Brackets and Crossmember

Erich Neal made some beautiful parts for my frame. I painted them with Zero Rust to well stave off rust.

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Hood Hinge

I have decided to go with a new hood hinge. I added steel to the bulkhead to support the hinge.

Here are some pictures of the process. 

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NV4500 done!

I have completed the NV4500. The adapter from Timm Cooper is installed and sealed, the out bearing was much easier to install than I thought it would be. The top cover is sealed on, the new bell housing from Advance Adapters is on. Now I have to find someone to help carry it to the truck. Its really heavy.

The adapter in the over. 1 hour at 275 did the trick

The bearing with the oring

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The School Bus Moved

Sadly it did not move under its own power. Thank you Gord’n and the crew at Lamorna Garage is Seattle for letting me store the 109 in your lot. Thanks to Erich Neal for housing it this year.  

Erich Neal is the current owner of a very cool 107 Wagon. Every time I see it has has added a new modification. I love the raised hood. 

One more pic of my janky oil filter adapter. 


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Nv4500 part 600

Setting the torque was very tough. Lowering the lift beam on the housing keep it steady enough to torque the nut. 

Copious amounts of Red Loctite prior to installing the nut for the last time.

Keeping the housing steady.

Use a punch to set the brass disks in place.

Torque the set screws in place. Be sure to Loctite the set screws prior to final installation. 

After the set screws are torqued down use a pinch like this to set the nut collar into the keyway.

Installing the set screws for the final time. 

Sharpie marks to keep track of how far the pieces move during final torquing. Notice the witness marks on the nut lands. The custom socket we made worked well.

Setting the collar into the keyway.   

The two washers moved this much during final torquing.


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Remote oil filter

The stock oil filter port for the Cummins 6at block I have will not clear the right frame rail. 

I have used the stock oil filter attachment to make an aluminum plate 

The bolt holes are 11/32 matching the stock filter port 

The remote filter kits use 1/2 NPT fittings. 

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Nv4500 part 500

.004 end play. Absolutely perfect. .002-.006 is the allowance
Used .017 total shim.

I bought a 1 7/8 Proto socket at Pacific Industrial and modified it to turn the 5th gear retention nut.

I started by turning the rear flat so I could weld on a 3/4 inch drive. I boared out the old star drive so the Modified socket would fit over NV4500main shaft tail.

I then boared out the socket to acomadate the 5th gear retention nut.

I drilled and tapped 3 holes coresponding to 3 glad lands on the 5th gear retention nut. We found a custom socket from a long forgotten project and cut off the 3/4 inch drive hole. This was welded onto the modified Proto socket. 

The shift collars were set to the transmission was in both 1st and 4th gear. This way the gears were jammed and the main shaft could not rotate.

I drilled the first hole a little to far back on the socket. The second hole ~1/16 from the shoulder worked well.

This shim kit from Valley Gear worked perfectly.

The modified Proto socket ready for action. 

Checking end play.

Result .004 end play. Absolutely perfect. .002-.006 is the allowance

Used .017 total shim.

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