Power steering

Tapping holes in the mounting plate

Laying out the steering box mounting holes. 

All mocked up after tacking the plate to the frame. In actuality I should have angled the plate slightly. The lower arm is to close to the frame. 

The frame prepped for welding. 

Plate welded in and primed 

Practicing welding 1/2 plate to frame material. 

Mocked up again 

Verifying the holes are in the correct locations. 

Holes tapped. 

25/64 holes 

Top steering shaft tube is from a defender. Bottom is from a series 2a. 

Modified shaft tube overall length 

Cut tubes cleaned and beveled. 

Top steering shaft from a Defender. Bottom is from the Series 2a. This is important because the bottom shaft has the spline that matches my bakelite steering wheel. 

Note that the Defender shaft is larger.  It will allow a hole to be boared and the smaller Series shaft pressed in.